Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On the trail with Lloyd and Jane

Good week. Mom and Dad are in town for the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL. Steve and I met them on Sunday at the festival to enjoy the strawberries, the crowd and The Judds. We ended the day watching Naomi and Wynonna on their "Farewell" tour.

Today is Wednesday, March 9th and I took the day off to spend the day with Mom, Dad and Steve at the barn so they could meet Kota and Ireland. Bob, Kathy and Ron met us up there and Bob was nice enough to let us borrow one of his horses, Derby, to use for a trail ride. We took a test spin with Dad on Derby and Mom on Ireland before we ventured off for our trail ride. Unfortunately, Steve got called away for work so he had to head back to the grindstone. A few minutes later Mom and Dad were up for the trail ride and soon we were off with Dad on Derby (on loan from our friend, Bob); Mom on Ireland, Bob on Kasa (on loan from our friend, Suzan) and me on Kota.

Above - this is Mom on Ireland, our Quarterhorse mare.   She is a flea bitten grey and real sweet to beginners.

Off on our trail ride --- Dad is on Derby, Mom is on Ireland and Bob is on Kasa.     It was a successful ride - no one fell off :-)

It was a great ride.   I hope Mom and Dad come to do it again!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grandma's Birthday Cont'd

Another video from Mom and Dad's visit up to Illinois for Grandma's birthday. As we figure the video and the blog out, they may be out of order but fun to watch nonetheless.


The fun continues at Grandma's. Grandma didn't know that Mom and Dad were coming up to Illinois from Georgia to surprise her for her birthday. They met her as she was coming out of Bingo... Grandma had no idea so the surprise was quite the success!

The next day brought more visitors and the family gathered for dinner at Garzanelli's; a local Italian restaurant that we grew up on. Many great times and great meals have been had there.

Dad talking about the suprise --- he tried to capture the initial surprise on video but no luck :-(


The rest are from Garzanelli's and one from cake and presents at Grandma's






Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday Surpise for Grandma

Long time since I last "blogged" but hoping I can upload this video so family can see...fingers crossed :-) If this is sucessful there will be more to come


Thursday, September 25, 2008


Don't forget to click PLAY for the Video!

Well, we made it to Georgia! Or rather, I made it to Georgia on Thursday 9/18 :-) Steve and I had orginally planned to visit together combined with one of his work trips but he started a new job with Panasonic on Monday 9/15 so our plans were altered just a bit.

I left about 6 on Thursday morning, the car packed up like I was traveling for weeks...most of the space was taken up by Lucky's "cadillac" since he got to go on "bacation" too! We made it to Atlanta in good time and up to Jay and Wendy's about 3 -- this was after a detour to Trader Joe's to pick up some 2 Buck Chuck.

Kayley and Kelton were excited to have company and as luck would have it, Steve had training in Atlanta and was able to come up in the evening. Unfortunately, he had to catch a 7 am flight the next morning and had to get up about 3:30 am to make it to the airport in time. So glad he made it up there though!

The next morning, after Wendy dropped the kids off at school and after feeding the animals; she and I headed over to Kelton's school for "Farm Day". What a fun day! I almost cried when we first walked in and I saw Kelton at school -- they grow up so fast! Farm Day consisted of many activities -- they made edible "pigs" out of nilla wafers, pink frosting, marshmellows and chocolate chips...then we moved on to the next class where they planted a soy bean in a paper cup to watch it grow. Then there was story time and glueing paper animals to paper plates and adding "mud" (chocolate pudding) -- although most kids didn't understand that you weren't supposed to lick the chocolate pudding off the plate as opposed to letting it dry! Then another story and out to the yard to parachute and a song! It was an action packed day for Kelton!

Friday night we hung around the house, played in the yard with the kids -- then the adults had some adult time and some adult beverages along with a round of catch phrase! Late night but I was up fairly early the next morning...Kayley and Kelton were kind enough to give up their bed and let me stay there. They were so good in the morning -- I even heard Kayley making sure I wasn't distbured! How's that for a guilt trip? Of course I had to get out of bed - otherwise I would have felt like a bad Aunt!

Saturday was another fun day... Jay had some work to do, as did Wendy with the animals and around the house so Kayley, Kelton and I watched the ALABAMA game and sang the BAMA fight song many, many times! They're on the right path though -- you gotta recruit them young...ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

After the game we all went outside -- played on the swings, had a bubble party and played some ball... then ended the evening watching the Georgia game and playing Uno. I was lucky enough to have Kayley as a partner and we did quite well! She's a quick learner and will soon be beating the pants off of everyone.

Sadly, the visit was over -- too short as I had to get back to Florida for work on Monday. It was great being there and we hope to do it again soon!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Illinois Visit


Well, here goes another attempt to update this blog with a video I made with pictures from our trip. It's rather rough around the edges and I'm certainly no Steven Spielberg but for my first stab at this I don't think it's too bad.

We flew into Chicago and drove straight to Oglesby to have dinner at Garzenelli's (an oldtime family favorite) with Mom, Grandma and Aunt Laura. Steve enjoyed himself amongst all the women!

Thursday brought rain all day long from Gustav so we made the most of the crappy weather and headed for the casino! So, Grandma. Mom, Aunt Laura, Dan & Deanna, Steve & I & Gina were on our way -- Unfortunately, only my cousin's fiance was a big winner on the slots...$450... Steve and I played roulette with Deanna and Gina joined us after a bit -- we didn't win much but had fun playing.

Friday we all headed up to Chicago for the day -- 8 of us in a mini-van...BIG CITY...HERE WE COME!!!! We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and then headed over to Navy Pier for a boat ride but just didn't have the time for that -- at least the rain from Gustav was over so we were able to enjoy a dry, albeit somewhat cloudy day.

Saturday the weather was just gorgeous! I think it may have gotten up to 75 with very little humidity -- the sun came out and we all just gathered at Gina and Bob's, let the kids play in the yard, enjoyed some games and refreshments ourselves and basically just enjoyed our time together.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging :-) Life in Lutz hasn't been all that exciting -- we did go to the Toby Keith concert not long ago which was a blast -- met some fun people and enjoyed tailgaiting.

As I sit here and try to compose this blog...I have a lot to learn about formatting this thing. I'm trying to get the pictures centered but this one above doesn't want to cooperate.

We had some really good seats this time and I was able to get some decent pictures of his performance!